About us

Surblund is a design-oriented architecture firm that is committed to excellence in custom architecture and design for residential, cultural, corporate and academic buildings.  We combine architecture design with engineering and cost analysis - a rare combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end product that are aesthetically and intellectually rigorous as well as financially informed.  Our design values are modern that result in an architecture that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, and universally rational while also being uniquely reflective of the values and characters of our clients. Our team has wealth of experience and comprises architects, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, 3D experts and technicians. We cover all architectural work stages, adding further value with our extensive network of associates.

Our Team.

Mukhtar Ahmed Qureshi
Rabia Ahmed Qureshi

Principal Architect 


Haroon Ahmed



Mansoor A. Qureshi



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